What is A2DM?

A2DM stands for Age Appropriate Development Methodology.

What does A2DM mean?

Children need to learn in a way that is meaningful to them. For instance, a preschool child is not going to learn about apples by looking at a picture of an apple. They will, however, learn about an apple if you give them an apple. This is the principal behind A2DM. A2DM helps to ensure children develop the skills they need to be successful in their journey through life. Activities should be open-ended to allow the children the opportunity for self accomplishment as well as self-discovery.

How different is this from the traditional teaching?

The difference between DAP teaching and traditional teaching is the children will learn in a more meaningful way.

What does First School have to offer my child?

We at First School aim at providing children with the kind of experiences which will help them attain optimum development not only in their creative expression through play, but in self-control, self-discipline and co-operation with others. At this stage children are not introduced to formal learning. All learning takes place through play.

All learning through play? How?

The play-based curriculum focuses on literacy, math, science, social and emotional skills, and physical development. Classrooms are designed to inspire young learners, capturing each child’s interests, ideas, and independence to encourage a growing awareness of self.
First School focuses on holistic development of the child. Our Thematic Curriculum offers preschoolers the opportunity to explore, experience and express themselves through play in a safe, warm and loving environment that helps them grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically.

Our classrooms encourage kindergartners to explore, investigate, work together as a team and discover. We foster children’s self esteem and help develop their love of learning.